It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends

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just leaving an ask to let you all know that we didnt save river and kat on purpose bc i stalked a little and obviously at the moment it seems like we did it on purpose to take credit for the characters but we didnt :~) none of us remembered the bio or personality or if they were OCs or not, the only thing we remembered were names and faceclaims so we put them together (-: goodbye

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Adrian Turner • 21 • Unemployed • Independent • FC: Ezra Miller • TAKEN


✔ Ruthless 

✘ Blood Thirsty  

Adrian has always been a sort of shadow. His brother older brother at first served as an inspiration to him but as time passed Adrian grew more and more envious. Adrian has never been vocal about any of this and he still treats Timothy with a great deal of respect, just like when he was a child.  Adrian is a very reserved guy, at school he usually preferred to stick by himself due to his superiority complex, he though befriending the other students would have been a waste of his time. All the time he spent alone, he used to sneak into the restricted section of the library, reading everything he could on Legilenmancy- a subject that had caught his attention early on, this resulted in him learning the art over the years. Currently Timothy is trying to get Adrian into the inner circle of the Wreckers, the only reason why Adrian is actually interested in joining is to be able to finally surpass his brother. However, Timothy has no idea.

As a child he was never affected by gore or any of the typical things that would frighten a young child, it was almost the complete opposite actually. He was fascinated by chaos and disaster; however his logic was, the only way to achieve true chaos is through perfect planning. He calculates every detail of his professional life, but he’s human. Just like everyone else he has the need to let go and get lost in his own head sometimes, this often makes him unpredictable. His charming personality and ridicules poise are often times misleading and make people trust him easily. Since everyone in his family has always managed to keep quiet about their blood purist tendencies, it’s easy for him to hide who he really is.  To most he appears a shy charming guy but in reality he’s a cold blooded killer who craves chaos. Adrian is a mess of contradictions but to him it all makes perfect sense. 

River Sparrow • 22 • Auror • Solvo • FC: Antonia Thomas • TAKEN


✔ Fiery → Witty
✘ Cynical → Wary

In the beginning, River’s life was a fairly easy one. She was a hard-worker and a friend to most, which was surprising given her brash personality and occasionally obnoxious attitude towards certain issues. But this all twisted horribly as River and her family were taken from their day-to-day lives, becoming pawns in a dangerous, years-old plan that they neither wanted or should have been involved in. It was only by pure luck and the bravery of River’s friends that she made it out alive in the end, and if the situation had occured in the muggle universe (and it were not for spells and potions that could soothe physical and mental scarring) it would have been unlikely that River would have ever recovered. 

She did recover, however, and even receiving the Order of Merlin First Class and being hailed as some sort of heroine did not stop River from becoming severely cynical and wary of society, the government, and those that she did not already trust. As soon as she had achieved the needed qualifications and finished school, she began training as an Auror, taking it extremely seriously and dedicating most of her time to it until the training was complete. Her family worried for her, anxious that the job was too risky and they did not want her to get herself into another awful mess, but understood her motivation and didn’t prevent her from taking that career path.

River is a fiercely loyal young woman, who sometimes has the tendency to bite off more than she can chew. She tackles her problems head-on and isn’t afraid to speak out about her opinions and face up to ministry employees who believe themselves to be worthier wizards or witches. River is deeply in love with Jude Gallagher, her best friend and confidant since childhood, who was in of the team of friends that saved her from Azkaban. She also shares a close relationship with Katarina Rowley, another of her saviors and best friends. River is sharp, snarky and witty, very psychically and mentally strong, being able to stomach a considerable amount of things.

Artemis Reeves • 24 • Obliviator • Wrecker • FC: Richard Madden • TAKEN


✔ Clever
✘ Selfish → Passive

 Artemis is an utterly passive person. Every single thing he says or does is done without much thought to it, and often on somebody else’s orders. Death, disorder and destruction are things he pays little mind to, as long as they have no effect on him. In Artie’s opinion, the less he cares about others, the more likely he is to survive in this mess of a society. Working on the side of the wreckers is relatively easy for him - he does what is asked of him with little complaint on the matter, having already decided that if and when they fall, he will desert as soon as it happens to the tune of ‘you had it coming.’

Artemis is a selfish man on nobody’s side but his own. He has nobody left that he pays a second thought to, and he makes no attempt to sweeten reality; he talks in fact, and fact alone. But with being a Wrecker comes a sense of power and authority, and it’s one of the few reasons why he still works for Rockwood. As an antisocial person, he doesn’t enjoy others company and is completely self-dependant. Artemis doesn’t do much talking, either, and is very sharp with people and blunt when he does.

The truth is that, as a boy, he was constantly overlooked by his father and mother. He tried hard to get their attention, behaving exactly the same way as his brothers, who were as cold and haughty as the man and woman who had raised them. He was a Slytherin, just like his brothers, and worked hard to get excellent marks in all his exams. But still, nothing changed, and Artie had no idea what he was doing wrong. However, he had gone too far now to stop trying, so in an attempt to earn his family’s respect for a final time, he joined up with Rockwood’s lot, eventually becoming one of the most powerful Wreckers to date.

It had almost no effect on his family, who tried hard to avoid politics as there were too many risks of losing authority and such. Crushed and defeated by the realization that he had spent his entire life pretending to be somebody that he wasn’t and doing terrible things that he had not wanted to do at all for what turned out to be no reason at all, he gave up. From now on, he remains neutral toward everything, not even batting an eyelid over dark magic and murder. His cold, uncaring personality is what makes people fearful of him - but truly,  in a place at the back of his mind that has been ignored and locked away for years and years and almost completely forgotten, he longs to wash his hands of all that he has done and live a usual life as a good person.

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Can I request a character or would you rather I just apply for this character as an OC?

Applying as an OC, would be preferred, but if you really wanted I’m sure one of the other admins who I’m leaving this RP up to will happily write one for you, if it’s a canon character. 

Trixie Turner • 33 • Accidental Magic Reversal Squad • Wrecker • FC: Kelly MacDonald • TAKEN


✔ Ambitious → Funny
✘ Perfectionist → Ruthless

Perfection. What Trixie longs for, more than anything in her life, is to give the illusion that her life is successful and perfect. Perfect husband. Perfect home. Perfect job. Perfect everything. This whole obsession with perfection and making her family proud, could be why she was so quick to rush into marriage when Tim asked her. Not that she didn’t love him. She did. But at the time, she might have been more in love with the idea of marriage, instead of the hard work put into it (which is not the case, now).

Image means a lot to her: as in, the way you carry yourself, how you walk, how you dress, how you did your hair, how you spoke and treated others in public— expressed how others saw you, saw her. She’s not exactly vain, in fact. If anything, Trix is frightened of being judged. When accepted, she feels the need to let her more animated self come out, expressing her comfort by letting out a joke or two, instead of chatting about politics and people’s families.

A former Ravenclaw, Trixie was and is known to be: ambitious, ruthless, lively, clever, funny, and charismatic. And as an only child, Trix was spoiled rotten from an early age and was born into the role of society girl. The Montague family had a decent amount of money, and it was easy to keep her dressed in the nicest clothes, taught by the finest tutors and raised with the best of manners. Though stubborn at times, she was an obedient student and always had her assignments done when needed. For both her fifth and sixth years of schooling, Trix was a prefect. And in her fifth year, she decided to stray away from being only a Society girl and go into the work force, too. She wanted to work for Ministry somehow. Which, she did. After school, Trix signed up to be in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. After training, she received a full-time job and is known to be one of their finest.

Though kind outwardly, charismatic, and well-put together on the outside, Trix, much like her husband, is quite the snake and actress. Yes, she might say she’s a firm supporter of change in the Solvo party. But her ideals are different in entirety. She really has no remorse when it comes to some of her actions (ranging from manipulation, lying, and even using harsh spells and curses.). ANd she is fairly serious when it comes to assisting with Wrecker assignments. She habitually uses a lot of her quality traits, as methods of gaining trust to others to screw them over in the end. When it comes to the Wreckers, though, she tends to keep a smile, along with a huge amount of loyalty to Rockwood and his purpose.  Her double life makes her slightly apprehensive on the subject of children— though it is something she’d like in the future, when things are more secure with Rockwood in power.

In short: one day, she might be baking you a pie and talking to you about how cute your dress looks. While the next day, her wand’s probably next to your throat, waiting as you beg for mercy. Much like a coin, there are two sides to her. 

Natasha MacMillan • 21 • Sports Writer • Solvo • FC: Astrid-Berges Frsibey • OPEN


✔ Joyful → Playful
✘ Standoffish

Natasha has always been a fan of Quidditch. The thing is— she’s never been any good at it. This alone was enough to cause Natasha  little bit of pain growing up. That was, until, one she met a certain Ginny Potter and her life changed forever. Once, upon being Ginny’s intern, she spoke up about how a player should have did a certain play instead of another and Ginny gave her her first article for the Prophet. Now that Ginny is in hiding, Natasha hitting the articles hard this current Quidditch season. She is very detailed with her predictions for the seasons and likes to know a lot about the players and their family lives to give those at home a more realistic outlook of their players.

With a job like hers, people expect Natasha to be open, bubbly, energetic, and very talkative. But that’s not Natasha. Natasha is quiet, peaceful, and likes to keep to herself. When she’s not working on her next article, Nat is at home enjoying a glass of hot chocolate, watching a film, or reading a book. She’s a homebody at heart. Her favorite film is ‘A Woman Is A Woman’. And when people try to get to know her, she’s a lot less shy and more affectionate, loyal,playful,  and  joyful. Some of her negative traits are probably the fact, that when she’s shy she has a habit of seeming standoffish and maybe even rude. 

Hugo Weasley • 20 • Shop Worker • Wrecker • FC: Cameron Monaghan • OPEN


✔ Clever → Cunning

✘ Pessimistic → Power Hungry

Hugo Weasley could be described as the perfect mix between his mum and his dad. Whilst brainy and clever on the one hand, he’s funny on the other. Growing up, both him and his sister, Rose, were taught to read from a young age – and they were both interested in it. Having access to their mum’s “library” as they both liked to call it, Hugo became fascinated in reading up on the past wars his parents, and grandparents had fought in. He wanted to be like them. A hero. But he didn’t know how.

Once arriving at Hogwarts, it was a shock to everyone that he was sorted into Slytherin. The sweet, quiet boy they all knew put into the house that all their enemies came from. He refused to let this get to him though, and he took it in his stride, befriending people such as Benjamin Nott and Benedict Grenson. He excelled in charms and potions and as the days wore on his mindset changed. He didn’t want to be a hero in his parents sense of the word, but he still wanted to be important. He wanted to be a winner. And he knew just how to do it.

As word of the knew wrecker party got out, Hugo, along with his friends in Slytherin house, couldn’t help but be intrigued. This was their chance. They could be way more on the side of Rockwood than they would be fighting alongside Hugo’s family. Sure, they’re his family, but his parents are in hiding now. They wouldn’t know what he was doing anyway. And when his side won, and his family could come out of hiding, they would be welcomed right in. They would be safe and they would still be heros. And he would be on top. 

Roger Selwyn • 25 • Ministry Worker (DMLE) • Incorruptus • FC: Alex Pettyfer • OPEN


✔ Optimistic → Proud
✘ Spoilt → Vain

Roger was raised by two wealthy purebloods. He had no siblings and they nearly always gave him what he wanted. During his childhood he was constantly being told that it was his job to continue on with the pureblood line strong. His parents would then go on to tell him how important and wonderful he was. All of the things told to him, mixed with the way his parents spoiled him, and his pretty face— made Roger the man that he is today. During Hogwarts, he was known to get into arguments with both the Potter and Weasley kids. Much like his parents, he thought that Harry had ruined a good thing.

Roger is all about his image. He is a self-centered ass, who cares about no one but himself. The man is boastful, proud, and materialistic. This might be due to the fact that he was raised in a wealthy home, with rich parents who’s views were similar to that that of the incorruptus party. He looks down on half-bloods and muggleborns alike. He knows that more than half of the wizard population is made of muggle-borns and half-bloods, but this means nothing to him. It only makes him feel more important than he already is. 

Roger should be the poster boy of the Incorruptus Party. He is anti-muggle. He is anti-muggle-born. He is anti-gay marriage. He believes that half-breeds like Veelas and Werewolves only exist to temp the wizards and witches in the wizard world to go against their future children’s blood rights. He believes that since he was born a pureblood wizard, that he deserves more respect.